so here i am, away at last, breathing free from all,

let down my hair, throw off my shoes and watch where things may fall.

wait for nothing, want for naught, just enjoy the air,

all the colors, all the shades, without the blinding glare.

spread my arms, accept the wind, the heat upon my face,

come to grab a little piece of my very own sweet space.

love the way it makes me feel, no tether, no cord no strings,

unraveling slowly, a worn out pair of old and dusty wings.

stand right here and feel the tilt of ever turning time,

breaking the pattern, throwing the key, shouting against the rhyme.

balance free, arms spread wide, to catch a falling song,

waiting to see, if this is where i, find where i belong.

face upturned, a ragged breath escapes into the night,

and breathing deep, with open mind, i spread my wings in flight


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