the fight

i woke up too early, burning mad, feeling that old need to fight.

tossing and turning as i always do makes for a cold long night.

dreams of that which i cant possess, taking and making mine,

wavering slightly on thin, shaky legs, lest i cross that line.

wanting to have all i want to and then, holding all down to have more,

conquering all, watching the fire, winning that endless war.

soaking up liquid love with fury, a sated yet seething sponge,

taking with fingers, gentle yet strong, ive got lots of grit to expunge.

watching the flight, knowing i’ve caused it, feeling  that powerful quake,

grabbing on tight and sinking right in, coasting on loves endless wake.

so here i am now, alone in my fury, a fighting mad army of one,

while silken waves wait to be conquered and ridden and i sit alone in the sun.

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