breathe for me now

when all the anger, all the angst and all the power are in my hands,

I find my own way through the darkened night in whatever way that i can.

fumbling and fighting, I duck and i dodge, with nary a way in or out,

with passion at times, anger at others and sometimes raw hunger and drought.

leave ’em screaming, gasping for breath, and hoping their next one is mine,

bring ’em to their knees while i have my way, my heart lies torn and supine.

scratching and clawing, biting and groping, screaming inside while i fly,

confused and collected in this muddled place inhaling the gasps while i cry.

and you come around just now, and just then, and shut all that godamn noise out,

hushing me up, pulling me out and im wilting, unable to shout.

a bit of my soul returns from the field, bruised and scarred, but still there,

i know what i know, i know what i dont, and i know that i want to be here.

and while im not yet breathing, i know that you are and know that breathe for me too.

cause in the aggression of softness and  love, I’m covered completely by you.

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