~oh bear~

I read Paddington tonight. You know, the book by Michael Bond about the little bear from “Darkest Peru”. I feel like the author had a good time writing it. I think that I like children’s books where the adults/parent figures are called Mr. and Mrs. the whole time. I feel like it adds a sense of smallness and stability. I like the idea of picking people up at long named railway stations and ordering pastries at the depot while waiting. They also have a governess. Who has a governess? Apparently the Browns do. As did the Von Trapps and the Banks’. Paddington is appealing as a figure as well. He’s cute, fairly confident and has some secret past life in Peru. He also is not quite sure how to take a bath. I have a brother like that. The book closes with Paddington sitting in a lovely flowered armchair with all of the members of the Brown family gathered around him. They are desperately interested in hearing whatever it is he has to tell them and are listening quite intently, only to have him fall asleep. Obviously, they are not nearly as interesting to him as he is to them; he is, after all, a bear and they are just plain old people. An enjoyable read. Happier than Steinbeck and only slightly more wordy than Hemingway. So with the taste of some good children’s literature still on my palate I move on to the next great read. With an added thought that while I’ve never had marmalade, I am now inclined to try it.

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