theres not enough wine

to float 

me through

that sacred image

of you. 

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stay away, lest we empty the sea…

im gonna come get you

in my pea green boat

and drag you overboard



where blessings are yelled

over moonbeams of sun

and the answers lay 


in the night…

back where soft moans

are music

and fingers strum


and your sweetness

lay bare

in my hands..

there i,

tied up in you

at hearts singular


and bequeath silent vow

in your


tween great 


of soft now

with lips holding

my own

lie in grace


embraced by 

your soul. 

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niagra baby

ever been so in need 

of moisture

that your dreams 

are inevitably 


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I have no idea who you are

you know ?

I just know you’re not

with me. 

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if you could feel the blood 

coming off my bones

in the sheer hopeless strapping

of me

and all that I am

buried beneath who you are

and all that you want

me to be..

if you could feel the vibrations 

that start in my head

and end in crescendos 

of doubt,

stirring up panic

and endless remorse

‘neath the time worn cracked floorboards

and grout…

if ever you stopped

for a moment past you

and looked for a second 

where i,

would sit huddled in shadows

of hope gone all wrong

just scratching in skin

to get by…

if process prevailed 

and air took its toll

and clouds moved by

what could have been, 

perhaps in past death

of a soul once worth hope 

would lie life that never

was seen..

..and if sun ever came 

and my face ever showed

and my thin arms could ever 

lift me,

perhaps there in fielding

of all that you’re not

would lay seeds of what i

might still be…

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i couldnt rhyme it if I tried. 

teach me how to roll cookies again

ill pretend I don’t know how at all 

only to see your hands

nearby mine oh! once more 

likd they were in our time

now in peace..

in mellificent way

while holding  my hands

in soft love 

in the sacred embrace of

your own,

I’d give all of my hours 

just for minutes of you

here in deepest of pains

borne of cost..

oh! to see perfect face 

of the one who sees me

care not for scars of love

or love lost. 

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floures para los muertos

do you know how much I need you?

how much I can’t be me?

how all that i see

and all that I want 

is limited by that hint

of you?

in eternal space 

of lifelong pain 

where only you

ever crawled,

i suffer still

in need of your arms

and search for breath

once more. 

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