tongue this…

sometimes words get lost

-and found

in the flood between

my legs…

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poor little rich boy

if cruel words were worth

a fraction of their cost

and all you spent

was a cent of who cares

on a letter that you

wrote without any ink

on a paper of glass

stained with blood

of my tried

and weakened attempts

at lifting lead

off my heart,


would be,

a fucking,


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edit this. 

touch me there

in willows wisps

beneath warm haloed sky

in silvery sworn sentiment

thus sealed in 

magic eye

in softened grasp

at lovers lee

where rhythm pulls at seed 

lay i in raining fortitude

swelled tight 

In gasping need 

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bubble up buttercup

cover me in honey


in lieu 


all they say

so lather in 

sweet joined


and lick sweet tears


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Secrets of a wood nymph

i wonder what its like

to be made love to

like that..

where all of the world

seems to stop

all at once

and the earth spins faster

till youre dizzy

with need

and your breath halts in place

while gasping for more

and your hands can’t stop moving

in the panic

of life..

i wonder what its like

to feel that inside

and know that the outside

has finally caught up

with the need

and the pain

and the fears

and the dreams

and the feeling that


might never happen,

but have.

and in that moment,

of coming into

where hearts have collided,

and breath

becomes one

and you cannot distinguish

one drop

from the next,

where heavy doesn’t feel

and feelings don’t weigh

and tongues languish


on shoulders

and ears

and fingers lay


grasping love

in their


perhaps in that world

i would finally


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I can’t even write. 

Just watch the slow death


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Grab my foot and stop its crying..

Im just so sad. 

I can’t do this alone 

you know that

And yet

That’s how im left


So you 

Can be


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