in Excelsis Deo

in deference to all you

slimy judgy

whores of night

i sentence me

to freedom rings

in hedonistic flight

where god bends down

and books are burned

and all that isnt -is

in perfect sync

of second come

in glories nod to his..

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hold it down.

got very little left here

very little at all..

need to pull out those

rose colored glasses

and smash those lenses

to smithereens.

always fucking hated pink


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burn it off. please.

no words.
just sadness.
in a broken shell
of little worth.

you cant
prove to me
that its different
its not.

and neither

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oh the things you say…

still tilted at

your waiting form

while magic fingers slide

and pluck at diamond

cut on edge

in search of peace inside

now kiss you still on

parted lips

while perfect petals swell

and watch myself in simple love

of eyes i know so well

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compass keeper.

in perfect storm

at loves behest

with dreams as yet


i challenge you

to find my place

as im still unfound


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stained glass

if only you could see

my eyes

right now..

they’d scare

the hell

outa you.

they would.

i only wonder

if youd run


oh wait,

you already

have babe,




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gambling fool indeed

if this is where

the marble lands

in foraged


cloaked in

solemn solitude

and shuddering

from grief..

in poker faced

extended hand

and i-

just barely there,

lies trembling stone

of once held heart

now more than hope

can bear

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