dont know much.

lift that worn scarred veil up

and slide my hand beneath

that ancient wall of hopeless shroud

enshrined in mourners sheath,

lay softened kiss on pure white skin

in stroke of wanting flame

then gather in small searing gasps

in mouth filled with your name..

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scrub it off man.

to unlock those gates

where passion waits

and love grows true

and sound

in latent wait

of lovers seal

for treasure lost

and found…

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flight of the searching wing

to feel in course

mad thrusting hips

in urgent need

of all

and fill in gaps

of sugared caves

in wait

of rushing fall

soon kiss those lips

in softened time

where i no longer


and close my eyes

on trembling form

still now

in sacred night

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fools gold.

in a skyline full off essentials

on that hallowed ground we pave

with all the bitter sweat and tears

and all the heart we gave

in grave mistake for what we want

with no account for air

lie too late now in tortured winds

our wounded souls to bear…

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the black plague

in serpentine struck stratosphere

i gasp in disbelief

at muddied shelves and sullied air

a dark and sullen thief

between small gasps of poisoned want

and broken shallow breath

lay i in bloodied mauled at shell

and hold cold hands with death

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strung too far

no words

no space

no life

no tears

no breath

no hand

no heart

no more




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and heres to the uprite and peaceful.

so thank the lord, all’s right and well

as far as i can see and tell

with hand outstretched and heart contrite

my fellow poet has done whats right

and copied poem no longer stands

i nod in peace with outstretched hand…

for those of you that havnt read the previous post, there was a bit of an issue which has been rectified in an honorable admirable way. the offending poem removed and an acknowledgement written. heres a link to the referenced poem and site.

long live the sharing hand of art.

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