the great canceled symphonic boom

sometimes the noise

just gets so loud

it all just


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point of contact

huddled here

in lonely time

in broken waves

of you

shattered now

of past recourse

and all i ever


fine thin hands

wrapped tight on

shaking small frame

ghost thats me,

and crouch here yet

in blinding pain

and will my heart

to see

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zombie passport

half here.

im half here.

the other half’s

with you.

scratch that.

all of me’s

with you.


theres no one here at all-

at all,

theres no one


at all.

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these blood spattered wings

in tortured solitude

i stand at will

lost in force

and chained to sill

air i breathe,

but cannot own

a wounded heart

on desperate loan;

angry days

but just sad –

at night,

reach out for arms

to hold me tight.

formed of glass

in search of wines

sunk somewhere

between the lines,

wrap my arms

around my might

soft angel lost

in lonely fight…

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The Kiss.

im so so very tired babe

and i need to hear you now

tell me that im beautiful

and that ill make it through somehow

what id give to feel your hands

upon my tear stained face

to hold me while i catch my breath

in frantic fall of grace

be still my heart upon your soul

and rest your weight on mine

curve our very essence

into one unbroken line

still me when, i just cant sleep

and shake me out – of me

love me- and my tilted world

alive, alone but free

look at me and tell me firm

how none of it was true

and hold me while i scream in pain

while i hold on to you

come please my love, im ready now

i swear I am, its true

just love me tight, in soft free fall

when i find out its you.

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on faith and jumping

this is me babe

reaching out

for you.

in indelible certainty

that you

are there

for me.

i dont know


i am

right now

but i know

that you


-and that

will just

have to be


for now.

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just a moment is all..

you think

i dont want

to be

in that place

of sweating






our need

of fusing time

and time again

in geysers of





fall -

in every flight

we take

in deep small sea

of warming


and gentle



i hold your face

as you hold mine

and fall

in love


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