wheres my superhero now?

i gotta stop crying so much

it makes me feel all too alive…

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that or masochism.

come here.

i dare you.

ill be happy to see you.

i will.

i wont touch you-

if thats what you want..

its always about what you want,

as it should be,

as it should,,

cause in the end-

thats how i show you

what i only could,

through touch..

have you noticed that?

have you?..

i think its called…

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~ inscription ~

were the pen

to be as mighty

as my hands upon your thighs,

were its ink

to drip its wonder

‘pon your gasping, worded rise,

would then paper hold on tight

to its sweet,

curving, quaking quill

and watermark its very being

as you have mine -

and ever will…

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it cannot possibly be

this hard

for you,

’cause i think

if it was,

the world

would just


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i could float a kayak…

i cant stop crying.

i grab a moment

where i tell myself

this cant be it!

but then i fall


and there i am


like ive lost

like im lost

cause i have

and i am

and i kinda need you back

even if i dont know

what exactly it is

im supposed to do with you..

my mom used to ask me

what do i do with you???

and id tell her

just love me


just love me!

but she couldnt.

so she didnt.

but i can

and i would.

if only

i could.

if only



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how is this good??

im trying here

i really am

im just not succeeding

thats all..

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leaves of grass

come here babe

give it a try

dont leave me out

dont stop

dont ever stop

im so tortured

you must know i am.

it must be obvious

through the denim

through the cotton

through the silk

of my


but somewhere


theres a whole


whos so so so

damn capable

of being

of living

of loving..

i am.

i know it

and i know you see it.

just like i

see you..

i cry too

just like im doing now

i feel.

i want.

i hurt.

so bad

so bad

that im ripping

into a thousand






dont let them blow away

like the rest of me

already has..

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